5 beauty products for the minimalist traveller

We’ve all been there. We’ve all over packed our beauty products for a trip. Streamlining this stuff is a process and takes a bit of practice. Personally, I hate having to carry dozens of products in my backpack. Over the years I have managed to scale it back and I’m here to share a few tips with you on how to keep your skin/hair care routine alive whilst travelling and not have it take up precious space in your bag.

Now, there are literally thousands of products that we could choose. However, I’m a big believer in environmentally-friendly and sustainable ingredients and packaging. This definitely narrows down our choices, but there are still a plethora of products to choose from. So, my 5 favourite minimalist products are a balance of space-saving, minimalist and sustainable.

It’s also worth mentioning that when I travel I don’t really wear make-up. Travel gives me a sense of freedom from societal norms. I find it equally liberating to break free of my ‘everyday’ make up routine. I take the time to care for my skin and my hair in as natural way as possible. As such, only one make up product makes it into this list.

Lush Herbalism

I adore this fresh cleanser from Lush which also doubles as a light exfoliant. It’s ingredients include chlorophyllin water, rosemary and nettle. It’s fantastic for helping prevent break-outs (which I really struggle with). It’s great at removing dirt and oils from your skin. The best thing is that you only need a small amount at a time. You can take a pea-sized amount and combine with a bit of water which turns it into a paste. This small tub will last you a long time which is convenient if you are on a long trip.

An excellent choice for starting your day with a fresh burst of energy

Sahara Rose Divine Beauty Serum

I used to be all about regular moisturisers. Now I’m all about oils. This particular serum is laden with so much goodness and smells amazing! You can use it on your skin, hair and nails and it’s perfect for healing and moisturising any dryness. It’s perfect for when you are travelling in hot climates. It comes in a small glass bottle with a pipette applicator and so, takes up hardly any room in your backpack.

The perfect little travel companion

Shampoo Bar

Now, I haven’t given a specific shampoo bar to use here because there are so many and I also like a variety of them. Currently I use ‘Honey I washed my Hair’ by Lush. It has amazing moisturising properties. Everyone has different hair types so it’s a case of trial and error. I would advise trying a few different ones before you go on your travels. What I love most about these bars is that you’re not buying huge plastic bottles! They’re compact, light and environmentally friendly. Buy yourself a small tin to keep it in and away you go. What more could you want from shampoo?

MAC Lipstick (Russian Red)

Ah, a good old red lipstick. This is literally the only piece of make up I will take with me on a long trip. I find it always comes in handy at least a couple of times when you find yourself in an unexpected situation that requires you to make a bit more of an effort. A red lipstick, even just on its own, can change your look from drab to chic effortlessly. I’ve specifically chosen a MAC lipstick for this list because it’s the only reliable lipstick brand I’ve found with maximum staying power.

Red lipstick
Should the occasion call for it (or you just feel like it), a bright lipstick can change your whole look

Lush Karma Soap

This is by far my favourite scent in soap. It is heavy in patchouli oil, lemongrass and orange. For some reason this combination really clears my mind and leaves me feeling relaxed and happy. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to scents so this one is just for guidance. The real reason it is in this list is to demonstrate that taking a solid soap travelling is far more convenient and environmentally friendly than taking bottles of shower gels. Find yourself a soap that works for your skin and give it a try. Trust me!

So, there you have it. These are my must-have beauty products to take travelling

I’m a big fan of minimalist travel. What about you? Do you take everything including the kitchen sink or do you have specific products you’ll take with you?

Got any tips? Leave them in the comments below. We’d love to hear them 🙂