Dos and don’ts for female solo travelers – a male perspective

Almost everyone loves to travel, but there is one solitary belief that distinguishes a traveler from the tourists: ‘It is always the people and their lives, not just monuments and views, that make a place memorable’. Various travel communities and associated websites and apps provide the platforms for the locals and visitors to meet and…

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Solo female travel safety tips

It is a hard truth but as female travellers we have to take certain extra precautions, especially when travelling solo. Yes, we are independent, empowered women who don’t need men to protect us…but just because we know that it won’t stop other people from trying to take advantage of our solo status. Below I have…

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5 beauty products for the minimalist traveller

We’ve all been there. We’ve all over packed our beauty products for a trip. Streamlining this stuff is a process and takes a bit of practice. Personally, I hate having to carry dozens of products in my backpack. Over the years I have managed to scale it back and I’m here to share a few…

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