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Whale Watching in Brisbane

One of the best things about travelling, apart from food of course, is being able to witness wildlife that you may never get to see in your home country. Growing up I always had a strong desire to see whales in the wild and detested the cruel corporations, such as Seaworld, that captured and used these beautiful animals for their own profit. I vividly remember seeing orcas in the wild off the coast of Vancouver Island, Canada. It was both exhilarating and stunning and I always say that it is one of my fondest travel memories. Fast forward 17 years

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3rd of July 2020, Valencia, Spain. It is summer, it is the time of the year again, where we sweat without doing anything, we suffer from the overwhelming summer heat, we miss the rain, that we hated so much at the beginning of this year – again we are in the Valencian summer time. I have been living here for almost 14 years. Time passes by quickly and so did the last year as well. I’m sitting in my friend’s garden with a cold coffee in hand and the sound of wind chimes for company. It is a magical place.

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Pai: A turning point

When I think back to my time in Pai, I think about the dense green jungles and a skyline of mountains in the back drop. I think about fresh mango shakes from the night market and the easy-going feeling of not really wanting to do much. A sleepy little hippy town where moving slowly is encouraged. Admittedly, when I first arrived there it was my first feeling of unease on this trip. I had just travelled on the nail biting Mae Hong Son loop (with a dodgy stomach). My hostel had zero security and an exchange with another guest made

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Volunteering at Elephant Nature Park

The week I spent at ENP was THE most wonderful and rewarding experience of my life. It was also extremely hard, mentally. My eyes were opened to the cruelty and suffering the Asian elephant undergoes, merely for the sake of tourism. I was shown footage of baby elephants undergoing the appalling process of Phajaan, being beaten and scared into obeying the commands of the Mahout. No matter where you go in the world, if you see an elephant amongst people at a circus, street begging, giving rides, doing tricks, it has undergone the process of Phajaan. It has had it’s

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Dealing with Covid-19 travel restrictions

Are you tearing your hair out not being able to travel? It’s currently a strange place we live in when a trip to the supermarket becomes the highlight of our week, that’s for sure. Whilst we all appreciate that we need to adhere to isolation rules in order to get the world back to ‘normal’, it doesn’t stop us craving the travel lifestyle that we’re used to. To go from having complete freedom, to feeling like a prisoner in our own homes is not something I think any of us anticipated. This shocking change to our routine can cause a

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