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About Us

We are two female solo travelers whose paths crossed in Thailand and again in Vietnam. Together we have become the Flying Hens. Follow our journeys across the world.

Lauren (31) - UK

Growing up I had the fortune of having amazing parents who took me to adventurous destinations around the world. I imagined that my entire life would be spent this way, exploring new places. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. I worked, I ate, I slept. My life had become the cliché I had always wanted to avoid. As I approached my 30th birthday a realisation crept in that I was painfully unhappy with my situation. I had this ‘radical’ idea to quit my comfortable accounts job to travel! So many people told me that I was too old to travel and that I had missed my chance. I refused to believe this. Four months later and three countries in, I know for sure that this was the best decision I could have ever made for myself.

Lauren's Trip​

Madeleine (32) - Germany

Spain, Greece, Tunisia and Egypt. This was my childhood. My parents and grandparents made it possible for me to see the world at an early age. At 18 I fulfilled my teenage dream and emigrated to Spain. Twelve years later I had a life I was not happy with. At this time, I changed my private and work life and I had the opportunity to start again. So many times I heard that at 30 you should be more settled and adult. Following my impulse and jumping into the cold water was the best decision I ever made. Three months and three countries later I now know that the adventure just has started.

Mad's trip

Our story

When you are on the road you meet many people and sometimes you just click. We met in a simple hostel in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. A volunteer and a guest, we were able to spend some time getting to know each other over drinks and beer pong. After Thailand, we went our separate ways to explore different countries. Fast forward one and a half months and we found ourselves in the same city again…Saigon! 

The beauty of meeting someone on the road more than once is that you quickly begin to form a trusting bond and, before long, you’re sharing your secret travel stories because you can easily relate to each other’s situation. The idea then came about that we could combine our travel ideas and stories, forming a joint blog. Friends. Partners. Confidants. Just two hens eager to soak up culture and adventure and share the experience with you.

Our amazing Flying Hens Video produced by our friend Felipe Rico Atara. Check him and his wonderful projects out on his web or in social media! @felipericoatara