Stay fit abroad!

An interview with Yves Unser

Camping in the mountains, walking on beaches, immersing in new cultures, traditions and habits – being on the road is often a challenge for our mind, but also for our body.

The different food, the changed schedule and the lack of a proper kitchen often make it difficult to maintain a fit and healthy body. What in a two week vacation doesn’t concern us too much, gives us sleepless nights when it comes to long term trips around the world.

COVID-19 put a spoke into everybody’s travel plans and ended our adventures for this year before they had even begun. Fingers crossed for 2021!

In order to prepare for the upcoming journey we interviewed Yves-Len Unser, a travel lover, fitness coach and model to learn about his workout and diet routine during his trips.
He reveals his secret to stay in shape while being on the road and gives some useful tips on how anybody can keep themselves fit while exploring the world. 

Yves in facts

“My body is my temple.”

Yves, why is a healthy diet so important for you?

My body is my temple and I do what I can, to maintain it clean and healthy. Staying fit means to age more ideally and be more efficient and powerful with body and mind.
A lot of people don’t even notice that they follow the wrong diet. They feel tired and powerless because of bad nutrition and a lack of sports and not as they think because of work or stress.
A sound body is the base for balanced, productive and successful life.

What meal is the most important for you and what are you preparing for it?

For me the most important meal is in the afternoon/ evening around 4-5 pm. I practice interval fasting, which means that I don’t eat during 16-20 hours. When I’m eating, I take care that it is home cooked and if possible vegan.

However when I’m on the road I’m much more flexible and don’t forbid myself to taste and enjoy the local food.

Yves on the road

You are often on the road for pleasure, but overall for work. That means you have to stay in hotels without being able to cook or go to the gym. How do you stay fit?

During the year I’m very often on the road. Normally I don’t stay longer than 3-4 days in the same place. To keep myself fit, it is very important to me to maintain a strong mindset. Meditation and affirmation on a regular basis help me to stay strong. Only after that comes a healthy diet.
Interval fasting is perfectly suitable for traveling. During my meals I try to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and complete my diet with vegan protein supplements. For me this is the ideal balance.

What are your 3 golden rules in terms of a healthy and balanced diet?

1 – Considered eating

We all live in a world where stress and hecticness is part of our lives. Fast eating, checking emails and messages on the smartphone during lunch or being distracted by the TV is normal.
For me it is important to take my time for my meals. Eating slow with small bites helps to eat less and to digest better. I try to be very present and keep my phone away. This way I enjoy my food more and also relax my mind.

2 – Interval fasting

Interval fasting is for me a very healthy and consistent way for a balanced diet. No matter where I am or how much time I have, this method works for me ideally.

3 – Raw and untreated

The key to a healthy diet is to consume raw and untreated food. Pre-cooked meals, delivery and fast food have a lot of tramps we do not even think about. Sugar, conservants or other supplements make the food unhealthy and difficult to digest.

Best case: home cooked fresh meals!

What type of workout would be possible even if you don’t have any sports equipment or a lot of space?

Burpees, jumps or sit-ups – a lot of exercises are possible even without equipment or a lot of space. The High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a perfect method to workout wherever you are. You only need about 20 minutes to follow a series of exercises with small breaks. The idea is to power out as much as you can. This is as efficient as 1 hour of jogging or similar sports.

“Couch potato – a term that actually doesn’t exist for me!”

Is HIIT possible even for couch potatoes?

The term couch potato actually doesn’t exist for me. If you want to change something, you have to start, that is half the battle.

Yves and the interval fasting

What is interval fasting and why is it healthy?

Interval fasting means to alternate eating and fasting periods on a regular base. It is the only fasting method that can be integrated in daily life for an indefinite time. It regulates the blood sugar level, starts the production of ketones and favors fat burning. In addition it helps to start the very important process of autophagy – our proper body cleaning program.

In the fasting periods you will feel more concentrated and energetic because the body is not occupied with the digestion process.

Is this realizable when we are on the road?

It works perfectly while you are traveling. The first 3 days can be a bit harder, then the body gets used to it. It is important that the meals in the eating period are balanced. Your diet should be composed of fruits, vegetables, rice, lentils and whole grain noodles.

What can a fasting plan look like?

The perfect fasting rhythm is different for everyone. You should try out how long you can fast and when. The normal fasting periods are between 14 to 18 hours. You should fast overnight, this way 8 hours of fasting falls in your sleep period.

I eat once a day between 3-4pm. But if I have to change it because I’m on vacation, I adapt the fasting period – no problem at all!

What about vacation? Can I take a break of fasting?

Of course. Don’t take it too seriously. If you have a healthy diet and a fasting routine, you can take some days off without having a bad conscience.

Yves and his project YourLife

What is YourLife about?

You could say that YourLife is my life’s work.
Travelling a lot means for a lot of people to neglect their own health. As I’m a lot on the road I face the same problem and wanted to create a program to help people to stay sound mentally and physically – the idea of YourLife coaching was born.

My new App helps you to become the best version of yourself. Our holistic coaching focuses on 3 pillars: body, mind and soul. A tailored workout for your needs, a balanced diet and the right mindset to achieve your goals is what the project is about.

Is the YourLife App working for travelers?

Absolutely. The reminder function of the app helps you to be consistent in your workouts and diet. It records your achievements and pushes you towards your goals. If you ask me, it is the perfect travel companion.

Some last words for all the travel lovers out there?

Travelling is one of the most beautiful things in life. The experiences and knowledge you gain can never be taken away from you. Invest your money in yourself and the people around you and discover the world. That makes you a strong, successful and sympathetic person.