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Welcome to Suzi's adventures!​

Suzi has always lived her life in a certain way. After she finished university, she got a stable 9-5 office job as a receptionist. Her aim was always to progress up the company’s ladder, in order to earn more money so that she could save up to buy a house. 

Due to her current ranking at work, Suzi lacked confidence. Even though her job was one of the causes for making her unhappy, she stuck with it, as it gave her the structure and security that she thought she needed. After all, that’s what all her friends were doing, right?

Recently, Suzi celebrated her 30th birthday. Her family, seeing how unhappy she was, decided to surprise her with a round the world ticket. Before this Suzi had never even been out of Europe. 

Follow Suzi as she stumbles her way across the world trying to make sense of the cultures and situations she finds herself in. 

Hoi An: Taxi Scam

Dear Diary, I’ve been walking everywhere in Hoi An and honestly my feet couldn’t take any more of it. So, I did the thing I’ve been trying to avoid. I flagged a taxi down. Well, to be more accurate, I was hobbling down the street probably looking a little sorry for myself and a ‘taxi’ pulled up alongside me and asked where I was going. I told the driver I was heading to the old town. He told me “300,000, get in!” I was feeling pretty upset at that point so I just got in the taxi (I wasn’t even

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Bangkok: Eating alone

Dear Diary, I’ve been in Bangkok for a whole day and all I’ve eaten are the leftover snacks from my flight. I’m so hungry, but I’m scared to eat alone at a restaurant. I almost did, earlier today. I decided enough was enough and walked into a local place, round the corner from my Airbnb. I stood in the doorway waiting to be seated. Is that what you’re even supposed to do here? As I stood there I noticed people starting to stare at me. Families, couples, friends…no one was alone….except me. Why were they staring? Could they hear my

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