Episode 12 – An interview with Lara

In this episode we speak to Lara; travel enthusiast and foodie! Tune in to hear her regale us with tales of Taiwan and Cambodia. She tells us her in depth experience of travelling through Cambodia and her need to travel after a VERY long lockdown! Sharing tips on travel safety is something we take seriously…

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Episode 10 – An interview with Jenny

Jenny is an opera singer and has a very interesting life travelling as part of her work. Listen to our discussion about how she travels, her advice travelling as a woman and even catch her give us a rendition of a Spanish song she loves!

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Episode 9 – Fears of returning to Travel

Feeling apprehensive about travelling again? Or maybe you just feel a little ‘travel rusty’. Either way, it’s completely understandable and we’re with you! Listen to this episode as we address some of the issues we may be feeling over our current travel situation and how we can endeavour to overcome them.

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