Healthcare on the road – an interview with Dr. Ruben Martinez

Traveling to countries on the other side of the world can be challenging in a lot of ways. Different language, culture and habits are just a few things we have to deal with, when we are abroad. For the most things we can’t prepare ourself, what also makes the beauty of traveling, but there are…

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The importance of language learning – an interview with Sara Carbone

Language learning is one of the greatest tools in your arsenal when traveling to a new country. The ability to express yourself and to understand the people in the country of your destination gives you a peace of mind. Both of us hens experienced a warm welcome when we spoke or at least tried to…

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Dos and don’ts for female solo travelers – a male perspective

Almost everyone loves to travel, but there is one solitary belief that distinguishes a traveler from the tourists: ‘It is always the people and their lives, not just monuments and views, that make a place memorable’. Various travel communities and associated websites and apps provide the platforms for the locals and visitors to meet and…

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