Your Trip


Being on the road can sometimes be fast-paced and stressful. That’s why it’s important to have a little organisation in some aspects of your trip. Organising the small things can help put your mind at ease and create a better frame of mind for dealing with different situations that come your way.


As we travelled we have found ourselves in some situations that require a solution. This section of the blog is to share those solutions with you, whether it is products to use, travel hacks or just general advice about a place or circumstance. Here you will find all different types of information that may be of use to you on your travels.

A section for all of the women on the road. Self-care is important and can provide the comfort you need to replenish your energies whilst you are travelling. Whether you’re a woman looking for the most efficient way to do your hair, take care of your skin or even how best to deal with menstruation, this section will be heaps of help!


We are two solo female travellers who want to share our experiences with you. How best to communicate than vocally? Why not take some time to listen in to our podcasts as we talk about our experiences and ideas.